Japanese Ornamental Freshwater Fish Exporter

Exporting Japanese freshwater fish for over 20 years

There are approximately 250 indigenous species of fish in Japan. Some of them are protected from commercial trade. We deal with almost all Japanese species EXCEPT those that are protected. Business compliance is one of the biggest concerns for us. Although our business is to catch and sell fish, the protection of certain species is of primary importance. We therefore observe the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Japan has four seasons. In the main island of Japan, the average low temperature is 2 degrees Celsius and the average highest temperature is 31 degrees Celsius. Most freshwater fish can be kept without water heaters and water coolers. 

Worldwide Shipping

Global Shipping

We ship fish and equipment all over the world with legal documents upon your request. As our warehouse is located near Kansai International Airport, fish will experience minimal stress during transportation. 

Sustainable Development

Environmental Protection

Extinction means not only the loss of biodiversity, but also the decrease of our business line. 

Indigenous Species

Quality ‘n’ Variety

We ship high quality fish ONLY. International shipping, or long flights significantly distress fish; thus, fish must be strong and healthy. Fish for export should be healthier than those …..

Medaka in a Special Tank


Oryzias latipez (Japanese rice fish)

Overview: Medaka is Japanese rice fish and the scientific name is Oryzias latipes. Medaka, native to East Asia, is a denizen of rice paddies, ponds, a gently flowing stream.