Quality and Variety

We ship high quality fish ONLY. International shipping, or long flights significantly distress fish; thus, fish must be strong and healthy. Fish for export should be healthier than those sold domestically.

We select healthy fish from the catch. This is one of the biggest advantages of our business. As we based on field work, we can select better fish for export on site. Before we sell fish to wholesalers, we reserve the highest quality fish for export.

Some wild fish may carry parasites or diseases. Such fish may damage other fish or have a negative effect on tank water quality. All fish for export will be intensively treated at least one week in a chemical bath.

Our network is all over Japan. As you may know, Japan is an archipelago and has 6,852 islands. It stretches from the North to the South: approximately 2,800 km and climate is completely different between them. Furthermore, there are more than 35,000 rivers including small ones. These features give us a wide variety of species. Our nationwide network allows us to collect a variety of freshwater fish.